Full text of Robert Plant’s facebook Q&A - 9/9/14

Q: Why were you ringing that bell in the ice water challenge ????
RP: What bell?

Q: Do you believe that hard rock is dead?
RP: Is there a pulse?

Q: What are some of the great journeys you travelled through while creating the new album? And how do they differ from your previous solo work?
RP: Perhaps it was the cardinal journey, it’s called going home. And as far as any different, my whole life and times are perpetual emotion. I was blessed with a passport recompass.

Q: Dear Robert…….loved the Glasto set………sometimes you were “elswhere” it seemed…..what kind of thoughts you through your mind when singing? Love and power to you ….
RP: I’ve played Glastonbury many times, in fact I’ve played in that area in the 60s before Glasto, and sometimes, all of those experiences channel through to me for a second or two, and with the passing of time, I was wondering if it really was the Veil of Avalon, and if Joseph of Arimathea was waiting for Metallica.

Q: What was the inspiration for the album cover , I received it today , it’s fantastic xx
RP: It is the home of the Ceaseless Roar

Q: what lullabies does Robert Plant sing to his grandchildren?
RP: The theme for Match of the Day.

Q: Do you think your journey through the Mississippi Delta pushed you to keep moving in the music industry, inspired by the ageless musicians of that erà?
RP: Yes. But now, my heroes are ghosts.

Q: what’s your favourite venue you ever played?
RP: These days, I love playing Red Rocks in Colorado, but when I was a kid, I had no idea where fate would take me so any place with a microphone worked for me.

Q: What sparked your interest in ethnic music and folk music traditions from all over the world?
RP: I lived with a girl from India when I was an impressionable teenager.

Q: Would you consider working with Jack White at Third Man Records to record a single/album/anything? You two are my favourite artists and I would love to see you work together
RP: I love Jack White’s buccaneer spirit, and the way he dodges through the musical horizons. I’d be happy to make a single with him. I’d like to do a track called ‘Love Me’ which was originally recorded by The Phantom. In fact, I’m going to Nashville on Sunday and can do it on Monday morning! I’ve got lunch with Alison Krauss at 2pm and cocktails with Patty Griffin at 8pm.

Q: How long will you carry on playing Sunday football, and do you fancy playing The World Famous Railway Tavern in Brightlingsea (at football)? Our teams ages range from 19 to 59.
RP: My management company is concerned about my health, though I am available on Wednesday evenings.

RP: —P.S. I am an overlapping fullback.

Q: Has the heart and soul been taken out of football ?
RP: Times have changed, when I were a lad, our footballers travelled to the stadium on the bus with the fans. I haven’t seen Ronaldo on the way to Wolverhampton on the Midland Red 318 lately.

Q: Hey Robert..I was a young girl, do you remember having dinner in Disney world on the steam boat I walk up to you and said something stupid..your hold band laugh….if you remember let me know that’s one of my regrets in life!!
RP: Everything that comes out of my mouth is relatively stupid, so I probably wouldn’t have recognised your supposed error. It’s always lovely meeting a young woman on a boat.

Q: Robert, please advise me on which cider and cob combination to have at the Anchor pub in Cornsal?? Cheers!!!
RP: Stick with the Heritage! and make sure you have a telephone number of a great taxi firm

Q: If you could reveal to us one secret, what would it be? For some of us, all has yet to be revealed.
RP: Holidaying in Madagascar, I tried my luck as a cross dresser. It was before the beard.

RP: Howdy pop pickers!

Q: I have always loved the photo of you and Strider on a vintage bike. Do have a four legged companion and/or motorcycle now?
RP: I have a beautiful, four legged Bedlington Greyhound cross Lurcher. His name is Arthur. He was 6 recently.

Q: Robert I know this might sound like a crazy question but I am just curious.. I am a huge tea drinker as you are… my favorite is Earl Grey w/ lemon and honey .. what is yours?
RP: Nilgiri tea from the town of Ooty, where the game of Snooker was invented.

Q: You’re on death row, they will allow you to listen to one song before you die…only one…what’s it gonna be?
RP: Nervous Breakdown by Eddie Cochran

Q: Will you marry me?
RP: Send full details. You’ll be right after Jack White.

Q: If ever a movie was made based on your life, who would you pick to portray you???
RP: Zaza Gabor

RP: Thanks for all the questions. Here’s my brand new music video for ‘Rainbow’

"I love Jack White’s buccaneer spirit, and the way he dodges through the musical horizons. I’d be happy to make a single with him."

- Robert Plant, 2014 (x)

"Everything that comes out of my mouth is relatively stupid."

- Robert Plant, 2014 (x)

First Listen: Robert Plant, 'Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar'

"lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar" now streaming in full on npr.com! Listen now ahead of its release on September 8th.


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